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Spicing up a Halloween Party

Whether you're having a family party that will involve children and adults, or an age-specific party here are some simple ideas to make the evening fun.

  • Mini-pumpkins are available in most grocery stores. Hollow out a few and use them as votive candleholders on a table. Carve jack-o-lantern faces on them if you wish, but they're nice plain too.

  • Take clear plastic gloves (like the ones food handlers wear) and fill them with water. Freeze. Remove the plastic and float the frozen hands in your punch bowl. Creepy and helpful all at the same time.

  • Use apples as candleholders for long, tapered candles. Be sure the bottom is flat so there is no chance the candles will fall over.

  • Dress your pets up for Halloween - even a simple cape can turn your puppy into Super Dog! But be sure not to do anything that will annoy or harm the animal.

  • Not all pumpkins are orange! Cinderella pumpkins are red, Caspers and Snowballs are white. Add some variety to a pumpkin display.

  • Start with a line or two of a scary story. Go around the room and let each person add to the story. "It was a dark and stormy night….."

  • Use black licorice sticks to stir orange Kool-Aid.

  • Carve your pumpkin as you normally would. Slice a lime. Remove the rind and put the lime slice in the "eye socket" you have carved out of the pumpkin. Once the candle is placed in the pumpkin, the eyes will glow green!

  • Instead of bobbing for apples in water, hang them from a tree and bob for them as they swing.

  • Candy Apples

  • Have your guests try these fun tongue twisters: Which witch wants Winnie's watch? Good ghosts go galloping gratefully. Slow snakes slither, speedy spiders spin.

  • The right music is a must. Try to find a copy of classics like "Monster Mash," "The Purple People Eater," "Love Potion #9," "I Put A Spell on You," "Time Warp," and "Werewolves of London". Or maybe the theme music from Ghostbusters or The Addams Family.

  • The day before Halloween carve faces on apples. Let them sit over night. They will start to shrivel and turn color - giving a scary effect.

  • Use your imagination! There are lots of fun things to do to make Halloween evening fun.

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