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Halloween Safety Tips For Your Parents

ConstructionDeal.com has listed some useful tips to help make sure your parents keep you safe this holiday:

Before You Go Trick or Treating

  • Tell your parents to feed you. A quick meal and you won't be tempted to eat candy before you get home. Well, not very much.
  • Remind them most kids get hurt on Halloween from falling down. Have them make sure your costume is not too long.
  • Make them give you a flashlight with fresh batteries.
  • Tell your mom or dad you need to be seen. The flashlight will help, but you need a light-colored costume, reflective tape, or at least some glow sticks. Glow sticks are fun, aren't they?
  • Ask them if you can go out with several friends. Alone is never an option. And it's more fun. Besides, kids are safer in packs and can be easily seen by passing cars.
  • Get the parents to give you a cell phone. You already know about 9-1-1 but they'll show you anyway.
  • If you're very young, make mom or dad take you out early; before dark.
  • If you're older, ask what time they would like you to be home. Before 8pm is best. You should tell them which streets you'll be taking.
  • Remind them you want to be able to see out of your costume. They forget that you might need peripheral vision to avoid falling or being hit.
  • Ask them to give you an emergency ID with contact names and numbers. Just in case.

While You Are Trick or Treating

  • Tell them you will stay on sidewalks and avoid streets, yards, and fences. And that you'll walk and not run. This gives them a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  • Ask one of your parents to come with you. They're boring but they need the exercise.
  • Advise them you will only go to houses that are well-lit. No porch light means you go on to the next house, right? Right.
  • It might be good to tell them you will avoid any pets you see. Animals might get scared of your costume and not recognize you.
  • Let mom and dad know that should you bump into a candle in a pumpkin, you know how to "Stop, Drop & Roll" to put out the fire. Or better yet, make them buy you a cool costume that is flame retardant.
  • Remind them to give you the talk about never going into any house or apartment, even if you know the neighbors, and to certainly never get into any car, ever, not just on Halloween. They love to give this speech, but sometimes they forget.

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If Your Parents Stay Home
  • Be a good kid and remind your parents to move all the obstacles from the yard and porch so kids won't trip and fall.
  • Ask them to only buy commercially-produced, wrapped candy or treats. Apples are nice but they get thrown away.
  • Tell them to move the Jack-o-lanterns as far back as possible so your friends and neighbors don't catch fire when they walk by.

When You Get Home

  • This should go without saying, but tell mom or dad to check out your candy. Nothing bad usually happens, but… better safe than sorry.

Enjoy the holiday - but be safe.

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