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Halloween By the Numbers

Who believes in ghosts?

According to a 2003 Harris Poll:

  • 89% of people polled believe in miracles
  • 68% of people polled believe in the devil
  • 51% of people polled believe in ghosts

Of the 51% who believe in ghosts, the poll says 58% of them are women and 65% are between the ages of 25 and 29. Once the age got to the "over 65" category, the number dropped to only 27%.

Halloween - By the numbers.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) recently posted the results to its 2007 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.

It is anticipated that consumers will out spend previous years on Halloween paraphernalia this year - which will include candy. Decorations and, of course, costumes.

According to the NRF consumers spent an average of $59.06 per person last year. That number is expected to be $64.82 this year, or a national total of over $5 billion.

Costumes for children and pets are expected to be just over $23.00, where as young adults are expected to spend over $34.00 on costumes. Young adults are not expected to spend much on candy though. The average for that age group will probably be under $20.00.

72.9% of those in the NRF's survey said they plan on staying home on Halloween and passing out candy.

43% plan on carving pumpkins, almost 49% plan on decorating their houses and just over 28% are hosting or attending a Halloween party.

Other activities that will contribute to Halloween spending include parties and decorations. Forty-three percent said they plan on carving pumpkins, 47.8 percent said they plan on decorating their home and 28.3 percent said they plan on hosting or attending a Halloween party.

The survey polled 8,877 consumers and the percentages represent an extrapolation of the entire population.

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