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Czechs in Cleveland

Please send us your photos, memories, links to Czech resources, interesting Czechs we should profile and other Cleveland Czech items as we grow this site into a complete reference for Czechs in Cleveland and beyond.

Since time immemorial, the Czech lands have been the crossroads of European cultures. The cultural character of Czech cities, villages and spa towns has always been a source of inspiration to visitors and guests, who come here from all corners of the world.

The Czech Republic, among the youngest in the family of European countries, was born on January 1st, 1993, when the Czechoslovak Federal Republic split into two independent states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Since May, 2004, the Czech Republic has been a member of the European Union; it has been a full-fledged NATO member since 2002. (The country has not adopted the Euro yet, however, and still uses its national currency, the Czech crown.)

Even though the Czech Republicís area of 78,864 square kilometers (about 30,450 square miles) ranks it among small countries, its wealth of natural beauty and monuments of cultural heritage contribute greatly to its global prestige as a major cultural destination.

(facts courtesy of Czech Tourism site)

Czech Cultural Center

Betty Hosticka and Maree A. Hibler of the Czech Cultural Center

Wilma Smith

Wilma Smith (Czech roots) at the Hungarian Festival of Freedom celebration 10-21-06

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