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Some Facts about Croatia

Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country.

Croatia is a democratic country with an elected parliament, a Prime Minister and President.

Size 21,831 square miles (about half the size of Ohio)

Climate Mediterranean and continental with hot summers and cold winters, mild winters, dry summers along coast

The Croatian Kingdom was founded in 925 AD, making it one of the oldest countries in Europe, even older than Italy and Germany!

Hungary is to the east, Serbia to the south, Slovenia to the north and Italy is on the other side of the Adriatic Sea from Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (which was once part of Croatia) fits snuggly within the boomerang shape of Croatia.

Croatian money is called the Kuna (after a small fur bearing animal used in olden times as a means of exchange) you will get about 6 Kuna for one US dollar

Ethnic Groups Croat 80%, Serb 5, Bosniak 0.9%, Hungarian 0.5%, Slovene 0.5%, Czech 0.4%, Albanian 0.3%, Montenegrin 0.3%, Roma 0.2%, others 6.6%

Religion Roman Catholic, Greek Rite Catholic, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Evangelical

Language Croatian (written using the Roman alphabet)

Literacy rate 97%

Economic activities Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services, Tourism

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