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Feedback from Seniors & Baby Boomers

As ClevelandSeniors.Com grows into a true community, we want to share some of the comments and additions that our visitors have sent us. This page will let you view some selected feedback from other visitors.

Euclid Beach

Earl Fisher, 69, of Marengo,Ohio wrote "Going over the falls in wooden log. I was 12 or 13 and have never forgotten it. Moved out of Cleveland in 1957


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Chat with Pat, Amy Kenneley and now Ron Kitson. I don't know where you find them but keep up the good work. I love reading them.


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Chat with Pat

I truly enjoy the subjects you discuss. Thank you

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Amy Kenneley

I also grew up on Hough Avenue, though in the early 1950's. I loved reading her descriptions of earlier times.

Linda Bamer

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Fr Mac

Thanks for the coverage (of the 50th anniversary of becoming a priest). The original biography that Debbie wrote brought me contacts in England and Ironton, Ohio.

Fr Mac

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Where are they now

Dear Friends, I now live in Joplin, MO, but I grew up and spent most of my life in northeast Ohio. I have read over each listing that you have of "where are they now" with great interest.

Thank you so much for posting that information!

Todd Smith

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From Bob "Hoolihan" Wells

Howdy! I've just spent a VERY rewarding time, reading the bios on Jenny Crimm, Jim Doney, and Howard Hoffman. Thanks so much for doing these interviews...you do SUCH a good job.

Barb and I are still busy with theater and commercials. I just did a spot for a restaurant over in nearby Lakeland...on camera, playing the part of a farmer who provides all the ingredients for the restaurant's tasty dishes, and had an audition today, playing the role of a pioneer medical man here in the this area, Morton Plant by name, who was the son of Henry Plant, who made his fortune in real estate, and bringing the railroad to the western half of Florida. His counterpart, Flagler, did the same to the eastern half, supplying railroad coverage to Jacksonville, Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Key West.

Take care, and God Bless!

Bob 'n Barb

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Barnaby - Linn Sheldon

Allow me to re introduce myself. I don't know if you remember me. I am James Gray. As a child growing up in Cleveland (0-8 years), Warrensville Heights, to be exact, I clearly remember Mr. Linn "Barnaby" Sheldon. To me he was a personal friend to my parents, he came over to our home to play cards every so often.

I used to ask my Dad...who is this guy, he said this is the man who plays Barnaby on TV, son. I am not sure how my father met him but my Dad used to be General Manager of a Oldsmobile dealership in Cleveland. I believe it was Deberry Oldsmobile or something like that. Never the less, my Dad must have had some good connections cause he also knew the owner/manager of what was called the Shaker Steak House in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Back to Mr. Sheldon. I even remember Linn's 45 rpm record he did called "Bofo the Christmas Dog". He did a signing of his record at the Higbee company in Cleveland. They did that in those days. If anyone has a tape of that song...it would be a kick to hear that again. I still remember some of the words: "Bofo, goes where Santa goes, and Santa goes where Bofo goes. On Christmas Eve when all is dark, children hear Bofo bark. Woof! Woof!". That's all I remember.

So back to my story. My Dad asked him to mention my name on TV one time. In those days that just wasn't done so Mr. Sheldon had to devise a way to do it legally. He make up some story about a rocket ship that was blasting off in my name..maybe a mention of my being sick. I was VERY sick with Thrombo Phlebitis. It was a blood clot in a main artery leading to the brain.

Sadly I was too drugged and sick to remember seeing Barnaby mention my name on TV. The entire hospital ward heard it and cheered me on. It was like Babe Ruth coming into the hospital and telling the sick boy he was going to hit a home run for him. It was like that to me.

I obviously did recover and I will never forget Mr. Sheldon, wherever you are. Since the advent of the Internet and its possibilities I have attempted to find lost contacts and Mr. Sheldon was at the top of my list. If he can read this my father, mother and especially I would like to thank you for the good man, good spirit, and humanitarian that you are. If more people were like this man I know for a fact the world world NOT be in such a mess that it is currently in.

We all moved from Cleveland to southern California in 1959 for better job opportunities.

Mr Sheldon, God Bless you and your family. You will always have a place in my heart for the good deed that you did for me and for all those who's lives you touched. You are most certainly loved by all of us, forever.

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Chat with Pat and Danny Boy Lyrics

A few months ago there was a Chat With Pat column where Pat told of an Irish wake she attended.

In the article she mentioned that the person who led the prayer service led the group in a song. The melody was the classic Irish ballad "Danny Boy" but the words had been changed for the occasion.

We have had a huge response to this article and many, many people have asked for the words. We contacted Sr. Joan from St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Willowick and she has supplied them for us.

Click here for the words.

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Chat with Pat and Memories

I work in an Alzheimer's unit and look on the Internet daily for fun things to print out for them. I have printed this today and they will greatly have fun with it.

Thank you,
Diana in Columbus Ohio

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Indians and Hal Lebovitz

I have been an Indians fan since I was a teenager. I remember when we had ball players who were real Indians like Mel Harder, Bob Feller Bob Lemon. They were real Cleveland Indians.

After the defections of Belle, Manny and now Thome, there is no such thing as a Cleveland Indian.

They are nothing more than ball players hired temporarily to play ball in Cleveland.

Also, you did a great job on the Hal Lebovitz story.

I respect Hal a great deal and I watch him every Thursday on the Les Levine show.

He is a real icon in Cleveland Sports.


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Chat with Pat - Old Time Candy

Snaps licorice tubes with pink sugar coating

Alvin from Solon - Age 68

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Mabel Heidy Profile

Hello, My name is Kellie Saleh (Van). I was advised by my Dad, James Van of the article that was written about my Great Grandmother Mabel Heidy.

I read the artice, I laughed & cried. Her spirit was captured very well.

I live in Australia & I was there in Cleveland this time last year & took my husband, Joe to meet her as I was just married.

One of the first things she told my husband Joe was that , She has her own teeth & does not wear glasses & she asked to see his teeth, to see if they were taken care of & to her pleasure they were.

I thought I would drop a note to say that the article was great & thank you so much for publishing the article.

Kellie Saleh

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Chat with Pat

You have made me so nostalgic and hungry for the "good ole days".

Bettye from Lorain
- Age 68

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Pumpkin Cookies

Finally, the recipe for pumpkin cookies. They are delicious!! Thanks.

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Barnaby - Linn Sheldon

Hello from the Big Sky!

I am a transplanted Buckeye, having lived in Montana for nearly 30 years now. My fondest, dearest memories of growing up include watching Barnaby everyday from my home in Mansfield.

Was I thrilled to find the Linn Sheldon article on your website. He continues to touch my life, his gentleness and humor really shaped my childhood.

I remember wanting a pet at a young age, when parents shudder to hear the pleas for such a companion, and totally convinced that if I had a parrot like "Longjohn", my parents wouldn't complain!

Funny how I never thought of writing Linn Sheldon when I still lived in Ohio (went to school at Kent State), and now I'm so wanting to know how he's doing.

What a charming, warm, wonderful influence on my life. Thanks for the great story!

Linda Fifer
Co-ordinator, Western Montana Volunteer Center
Missoula Aging Services

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Frittata Recipe

I just harvested my first asparagus, I'm getting a dozen a day and was told they are delicious in frittatas.

I've never made them before and your information was so well presented!

I'm trying it tonight!

Thank you,

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Gib Shanley Profile

Great article on Gib

Perhaps his opinion on LeBron James might be a a bit strong, but maybe it's his tongue-in-cheek humor as well.

Otherwise, Gib was a part of a time when people COULD be opinionated without risk of losing their jobs.

Today, even Paul Harvey has to watch it.

Again, nice to read, and the photos are really cool..

I met Gib in 1980 (he was a patron in a lounge) and had that presence and cordiality, even though not on camera.


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I'm rather digging these profiles. You're getting quite expert at them, and I find myself printing them out and taking them home to read and sharing with various friends.

Thanks for the increasingly good reading.

John from South Euclid

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Under Trivia and Quizzes, Tough Trivia Questions, Question # 2, The top aerobatic squadron in the US Air Force is Not the Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels belong to the US Navy. The Thunderbirds belong to the US Air Force.

You have some good questions on your quiz. And yes, it is pretty darn tough.

Take care;
TSgt Austin
US Air Force

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Bob Hope a Clevelander?

Sorry Pat but Bob was a Londoner.

And one hell of a talented entertainer.

But I will concede that America became his homeland and the wonderful American people made him what he was to the rest of the world.

When I was at school any kid that was overweight was nicknamed "Fatty Arbuckle" Now we seem to live in a world full of them.

-- Old RN Limey from Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire England

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Dear ClevelandSeniors: I love your organizer, Jill Shankar....she makes it sound so easy, I just might get myself organized...

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Dan Davenport Profile

I just read the piece about Dan Davenport on your web site, and wanted to compliment you on a fine job! It's a nicely written and informative piece of writing.

Dan is a great fellow, and your article does him justice. Thank you!


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Chat with Pat - Old Time Candy

They were called dollar mints at the Woolworth's candy counter. Made with milk chocolate, not dark, about the size of a quarter. They were the best! I want them again! LOL

Lori from Denver

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Jane Scott Profile

Greetings! I loved the Jane Scott profile! What a great lady!

When she walks into a room, the whole place lights up!


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Tic Tac Toe

I beat the computer, but it said I lost.
I got 3 in a row then it did and said I lost!
What a sore loser.

Editors NOTE: We found that there is a bug in the Tic Tac Toe program - it does seem to be a sore loser sometimes.

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Mercedes Spotts Profile

Thank you for the incredible profile on Mercedes Spotts. What a wonderful tribute! You are a gifted and prolific writer.

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I especially enjoy the profiles. I also browse the other new subjects. Len Marshall

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Father Carreira

I read Father Carreira's article on a drumscope a few months back and it inspired me to build one myself. His idea is so unique, it deserves lots of credit.

I am entering my version into the Stellafane ATM contest this year. Tell Father Carreira I said thanks for a great idea. I'll make sure his name gets credit for the original concept. The drumscope will be on display for 2500-3500 amateurs to see up close. Maybe someone else will try their hand at one.

Joe Castoro

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Chat with Pat - Old Time Food

The May Co. Black Walnut Clusters.

Chocolate covered peanuts, and Klein Bars in a green wrapper a chocolate with peanuts for 3 cents.

Planter's peanuts with a Coca Cola and Bireley's orange soda.

Real milk shakes and malts from the fountain at the drug store.

Freshly baked donuts from Roy Rials on Carnegie.

Creme Puffs from the old Woodland Market at East 55th St.

Sunday dinner at the Forum on East 9th St.

The hot and chili dogs at Kresge's.

Frozen custard and salt water taffy at Euclid Beach.

Those were the days.

Jean from Shaker Hts.

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Chat with Pat

I have just spent over an hour reading some of your "Chat with Pat" articles and my husband Eddie even came in and read some of them with me.

We truly enjoyed them.

You have a special talent--thanks so much


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I am a resident of Hickman County, Tennessee, which happens to be where Bucksnort is located. Through a Google search, I came across a "Memory" on your site titled "Bucksnort to Bethlehem" by Amy Kenneley.

Ms. Kenneley is a very good writer, and she managed to capture the character of Bucksnort quite well.

I maintain a website, www.TennTreasures.com, which highlights Hickman County and its towns and villages. I recently started a new area called "Hickman County Memories". I would love to include Ms. Kenneley's story in that section of TennTreasures, if she would grant me permission to do so.

Thank you for your assistance... and for featuring such an outstanding writer!

Tom Meador

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Chat with Pat re Wardrobe Malfuntion

Pat, I am definitely with you 100% on these issues. My greatest fear is that some people don't care. They can watch this junk and form no opinion. Apathy is at the core of many of these issues.

The numbness between the ears helps create this "what's the big deal" type of culture. Keep defending that which is right and allow no one to convince you wrong is okay.

The very best of regards,

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More Chat with Pat re Wardrobe Malfuntion

Pat, I think you should send exactly what you wrote off to the media and Hollywood. It's excellent!!! My feelings exactly.

Linda - Age 50

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Mae Stewart

Congrats to you. I thought the article on May Stewart was extremely well presented. It was informative and easy reading. I can't believe that I read the entire article.

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Gib Shanley

I came across the article on your website. I enjoyed it very much as I worked with Gib on some Browns' broadcasts in New Orleans in the late '60's when i was in university there and later on games in Atlanta and pre-season in Knoxville.

I have lived in Europe for many years now, but still keep involved with the National Football League --- in this case, the games of their NFL Europe league. This year will be my 37th consecutive year of working NFL games since that very first one worked with Gib back in 1967.

Larry Zani

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Pam from the UK

Pam from Oxfordshire U.K. - Age -- 73
Just a line to thank you for sharing your Website. I enjoy perusing it - lots of interesting information.
Best wishes. Pam

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Chat with Pat - Turkish Taffy

Who would have thought that when Chat with Pat mentioned Turkish Taffy in her chat about old-time candies that students in McVeytown, PA would write her for a recipe for a school project. Here's the response.

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Response to the Life of Riley column about losing a grandson:

On June 8-9, the American Cancer Society sponsored a Relay for Cancer at Brunswick High School. Riley's teachers and parents had a tent and a "Riley's Team" represented. Of the many participating teams, Riley's Team collected the most amount of money that day, over $3,000 I think.

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Response to our St Patrick's Day Toasts:

My favorite toast has always been:

May there always be work for your hands to do;
May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

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Response to our Expert Florist's advice on rose colors:

Thanks for the info on roses, my favorite flowers. I had always used this as a guide for rose colors. Hope it helps.

  • Red - Love, passion and courage
  • White - Innocence, Purity and Secrecy
  • Yellow - Joy and Friendship
  • Light Pink - Grace, Joy and Gladness
  • Dark Pink - Thankfulness
  • Lavender - Love at first sight and Enchantment
  • Coral - Desire

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Response to the profile of Marshall Bedol:

I have a little PS to your story on Marshall Bedol. I am Alan's daughter, now aged 50, living in VA.

Marshall has always had that knack for allowing me to feel as if I had TWO dads. If my own father is out of town, or out of the country, Marshall always calls me just to check and see how I am doing. He always has a kind word, not only for his own kids, but for my sister and me as well. I honestly always feel that I was blessed with TWO wonderful dads, Alan and Marshall.

Yes, Marshall and Alan both instilled in all of us that NO ONE is better than anyone else. They enjoy their families, their brother, Juddy, and all of us more than anything else.

To this day, I credit my devotion to family (and those less fortunate) to the lessons that Marshall (and my dad, Alan) has lived, and thus we learned, not by word, but by deed. Whenever I visit Cleveland, I know that I always have a home with Marshall and Marilyn to settle into.

This world is truly a better place because of Marshall, and I know that I am a better person because of him as well.

Thanks for the chance to kvell on my Uncle Marshall Theodore Bedol.

Elly Tucker
University Career Services
University of Virginia

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President's Greetings

I love reading "Cleveland Seniors." It is very entertaining and informative.

I want to thank you for the Presidential greeting information shown under the Personalities segment of the site.

My parents are both 80+ years old. They will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary on December 30, 2001. Imagine their surprise, if/when they receive a anniversary card from the White House.

Both their birthdays are in January. Hopefully George W. will follow the anniversary card with birthday cars.

I am sure the will be thrilled, even if George W. is a Republican!

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Eileen E. Tucci

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Better late than never - Marie from Brookpark adds to the Christmas traditions:

I know that this is out of season but I just learned how to send feedback.

My family came from Germany. It was always our tradition to hide a plastic pickle shaped ornament on the Christmas tree. It blended in with the green tree, so it was difficult to find. Whenever guests came, especially children, they had great fun trying to find the pickle. Of course, there was always a small gift for the winner - usually a gingerbread cookie or something like that.

We still hide the pickle on our tree to this day - and the guests still love it!

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