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Q. What carpeting should I get? We have 2 cats and lots of grandchildren who play on the floor. Would a pattern show less dirt and wear? Is light or dark carpeting better? What material wears better?

A.Definitely chose floor coverings that have multiple colors and patterns in medium contrast. Both light and dark will show lint and animal hair.

I would recommend considering the "no pile" synthetics and natural fibers like seagrass. They also provide a more casual feel to your home and are much friendlier to all the other design elements of the room.

You will need to ask to see these products as they are not usually placed on display in most floor covering stores. If you want to see them installed, come to our store:

12423 Cedar Avenue
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

We specialize in this type of carpeting because of its practicality and look.

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Reita Bayman

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