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Ashley asks:
We have moved into a home that has light brown paneling and new gray carpeting. How can we bring these colors together?

A. The quick way is to introduce fabrics and art work that have gray and brown in them as well as other colors. Choose what has the colors and subjects that are appealing to you. Then use those colors in pillows, furniture covers, and accessory pieces.

Gray and brown are quite compatible, even using several shades of each. Do not match exactly because that becomes boring very quickly. Blending is always softer.

Anonymous asks:
My sister-in-law is a snob. She trashes our art reproductions because they aren't originals. We enjoy them. What can I tell her?

A.Our homes are our refuge. You should choose what fits your needs and lifestyle. A good reproduction is better than a poorly executed original. Good design is lasting, so train your eye to find it. Whether or not it is a copy is not the point. Enjoy!

Anonymous from Lakewood asks:
Any suggestions on choice of color for woodwork? Should it contrast the wall or blend in?

A.There is no one rule that fits. It can be personal taste. That being said, I would make the decision based on how it effects the balance of your room.

Comfortable spaces exist because they have all the elements in balance. Color and color contrast is an element, so if you have a room with windows and door frames on three walls you must try to get the fourth wall to balance by introducing some of that color combination in a picture or fabrics.

If your woodwork is large and you need or want to play up the architecture, color contrast is the way to do that.

If your woodwork is narrow and maybe covered by fabric at the windows you may not want to contrast the trim and wall color.

Always look at the impact on the space and determine if it is pleasing to your eye.

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