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Q. I am addicted to the TV show Trading Places. Are these shows realistic? Could this work really be done that quickly and within that budget?

A. Trading Spaces is very entertaining but not realistic. It is reported that each show costs $30,000 to produce and the $1,000 budget does not even cover general supplies.

Can projects be done for a $1,000 that look this good? Yes, but it requires HOURS of shopping, lots of experience and a great instinct about space, color and scale.

Then add in skill at building. It is rare to find these multi-skilled people. Also, the quality and longevity of what can be made in such short time is really suspect.

The show has up to six crew members working behind the set, so the answer to your question is absolutely NOT realistic!

Enjoy the creative ideas then call a professional. It's much less expensive in the long run. The professional knows the shortcuts and does not shop for hours!

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Reita Bayman

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