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Clothes and shoes - What to do?

Q.When I saw your picture in that pretty dress it reminded me of my major organizational problem - clothes (and shoes!).

I have been up and down in the weight department and have complete wardrobes for a variety of sizes. I don't want to throw items away because I may change size once again. But it is a nightmare wading through all my clothes. What would you suggest?

Reply: Thanks for the compliment! It sounds like you have legitimate reasons for holding onto clothing that does not fit-I normally suggest donating such articles.

First off, you should not hold onto clothes that no longer appeal to your sense of style and taste. With what remains, separate each wardrobe by size and store all but the current set remotely, like in your basement, spare bedrooms or the attic.

If you lack the built-in space, you can buy portable closets in a variety of sizes and price ranges for your hanging garments, and plastic storage containers for the foldable and shoes.

Ideally, you would have one portable closet and two plastic storage containers (one for shoes, one for sweaters, etc.) per size, clearly labeled, so you can identify each container's contents.

The smaller portable closets are easier to manage than the larger pieces, which tend to be rickety and unstable. Select a location that can be semi permanent-this equipment is not very easy to move.

For this reason, when your body needs a different size, exchange the clothes and keep the closets where they are.

Even if you do not need portable racking, the same principles of sorting apply. The objective is to organize and separate your clothing by size, so you can identify and switch with minimal trouble.

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Jill Ellen Shankar
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