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Adopt A Marine

Many of us feel a more personal connection with the war in Iraq after hearing about the tragic deaths of so many young Marines from the Brookpark facility. Many of you have asked what can be done to help.

Besides your thoughts and prayers, you can
e-mail a message of support
to which will then be sent on to the families.

There are also public gatherings to attend such as the event at the IX center Monday at 7PM. The doors open at 6PM and the parking is free. All those who want to pay their respects are invited to attend.

Monday will also be an official "Day of Remembrance" for the entire state, as declared by Governor Taft.

In addition, the mother of a soldier in Iraq, Sherie Rolf, begins an open letter as follows:

"I am an “ordinary mother” of an “ordinary young man” that is in the United States Marine Corps; he is my hero, PFC Ryan Rolf.

Ryan was deployed to Iraq in February 2004, and continues to honorably fulfill his mission with the MWSS273 at Camp Al Asad Airbase in Iraq.

During a recent phone conversation with Ryan, he expressed his concern that there are some Marines that have not received mail or packages from home.

With thousands of U.S. Troops actively engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom and the fight against terrorism, we as Americans have an obligation to show our appreciation and let them know they are not forgotten. As days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, reminders from home are welcomed by the troops.

Operation Adopt-a-Marine is a program that provides such reminders, by sending care packages to the troops..."

Visit for more.

Be sure to look at for a description of the typical soldier in Iraq.

Whatever you choose to do - pray, attend gatherings, send e-mail, send supplies, even Adopt-A-Marine - please do something to show your support at this tragic time.

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