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Irish Food

Some say it is an oxymoron to refer to fine Irish chefs, that the Irish are not known for their cooking.

This however, is just one of many incorrect and baseless stereotypes that gets perpetuated. If, however, the naysayers were to try Irish food, there is a very good chance they would be convinced of its excellence.

Certain foods are automatically associated with Irish cooking. Things such as Irish stew, Corned Beef and cabbage and of course, Boiled Potatoes.

But how about an Ulster Fry? This traditional dish is served mainly at breakfast, but is often eaten throughout the day.

It includes: bacon, sausage, black pudding (a sausage made of pig's blood mixed with oats, salt, onions and spices. White pudding is a variety made without blood, but using minced liver instead. The pudding is normally fried), mushrooms, tomato and eggs. It is served with Soda Bread and Farl (triangular shaped thin fried oatmeal or potato cake).

If you want to add some extra flavor to your mashed potatoes try making Champ instead. Champ adds scallions to the mixture for a delightful taste. Or take it yet a step further and try Colcannon - adding cabbage and onions to your mashed potatoes.

Soda Bread is not just for breakfast; it is a treat any time. If you add raisins to your Soda Bread (which can either be brown or white) it becomes a "Spotted Dog". Barm Brack is a bread made with sugar, spices and dried fruit.

Although Ireland is an island, the Irish people are not big fish eaters. It must be said however, that Salmon is quite prevalent and very tasty prepared in the many special Irish ways. Shellfish is very popular but is more often found in restaurants then in private homes.

Irish food is not heavily seasoned. It is often food of the land, that is, the food grown or raised close to home. It is simple, often boiled or fried and with few ingredients.

Throughout the world, food is used as a method of showing hospitality, offering comfort and making a house a home. Ireland is no exception to this universal pattern.

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