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Famous Hungarians

Did you know they were Hungarian? Here are just a few famous Hungarians you may be familiar with:

Don Adams - Actor (Get Smart!)

Donat Banki - co-inventor of the carburetor

Drew Barrymore - Actress

Paul Benko - Only man to beat Bobby Fisher at Chess. US Chess Hall of Fame member

Les Besser - "Father of microwave computer aided design."

Jozsef Laszlo Biro - Inventor. Invented the ballpoint pen.

Julius Boros - Golf Legend

Adrien Brody - Actor

Joe Bugner - World Heavyweight Boxing Champ. (Fought Ali for the title twice)

James Csonka - Co-inveted the carburetor

Larry Csonka - Football player, Miami Dolphins

George Cukor - Award winning film director

Jamie Lee Curtis - actress

Tony Curtis -Actor

Christoph von Dohnanyi -Conductor (Cleveland Orchestra)

Albrecht Durer - Reniassance painter

Paul Erdos - Mathematician

Joe Eszterhas -Screenwriter

Eugene Fodor - Founder of Fodor's Travel Guides

William Fox - Founder of Fox Studios

Eva, Ava and Magda Gabor - actresses and socialites

Mitzi Gaynor - Actress

Uri Geller - Psychic

Andy Grove - Former CEO/President and Chairman of Intel. 1998 Time Magazine Man of the Year.

Lou Groza - NFL kicker (Cleveland Browns)

George "Papa Bear" Halas - Hall of Fame football coach

Mariska Hargitay - Actress (Law and Order SVU)

Goldie Hawn - Actress

Robert Hegyes - Actor/Director (Welcome Back Kotter)

Les Horvath - Ohio State's first Heisman Trophy Winner

Harry Houdini - Magician

Leslie Howard - Actor (Gone with the Wind)

Karch Kiraly -Olympic gold medal volley ball player

Max Kiss - Inventor of Ex-Lax (pharmacist)

Calvin Klein - Designer

Michael Korda - Author

Bernie Kosar - NFL Quarterback (Cleveland Browns)

Ernie Kovacs - Actor

Estee Lauder - Cosmetics

Franz Liszt - Classical Composer

Peter Lorre - Actor

Bela Lugosi - Actor

Joe Medwick - Baseball Hall of Fame member

Charles Nagy - Baseball pitcher (Cleveland Indians)

Joe Namath - NFL Hall of Famer

Paul Newman - Actor

Joseph Pasternak - producer/director

George Pataki - Governor, New York State

Freddie Prinze, Jr. - Actor

Freddie Prinze Sr. - Actor

Joseph Pulitzer - Publisher. Responsible for building Statue of Liberty

Tommy Ramone - Drummer, "The Ramones"

Erno Rubik - Invetor of Rubik's cube

Jerry Seinfeld - Actor/Comedian

Monica Seles - Tennis superstar

Don Shula - NFL coach

Gene Simmons - Singer (Rock Band KISS)

Paul Simon - Musician (Simon and Garfunkel)

Charles Simonyi - Computer scientist

George Soros - Financial expert

Brent Spiner - Actor (Lt. Commander Data)

George Szell - Conductor (Cleveland Orchestra)

Jeffrey Tambir - Actor

Joe Theisman - NFL quarterback

Johnny Weismuller - Actor (Tarzan)

Rachel Weisz - Model

Debra Winger - Actress

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