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Looking for a Haunted House?

There is no shortage of said-to-be haunted houses in the United States. In fact, every state has at least one though some have more than others. You decide which, if any, you want to believe.

U.S. Government buildings are not exempt, both the Capitol Building and the White House are said to have haunted rooms in them.

They say there is a dark stain on the steps of the House of Representatives in the spot that Congressman William Taulbee (KY) was shot back in 1890. He was killed by a journalist. Staffers say they have tried for over 100 years to remove the stain, to no avail. They also say that reporters avoid the spot because they often slip and fall right there. What other explanation than that Congressman Taulbee is pushing them?

There is often the sound of the Speaker of the House's gavel late at night when there is no session being held, and the Speaker is not there. There are even those that say Congressional rivals Joseph Cannon and Champ Clark have been heard debating late into the night. Both have been dead since the early 1900's.

The White House attic is said to be home to the spirit of President William Henry Harrison. Thomas Jefferson is said to have been heard practicing his violin in what is now called the Yellow Oval Room. Lincoln has also been known to haunt the White House, even Eleanor Roosevelt said so. But Lincoln's ghost seems to be ubiquitous - he has been spotted almost everywhere.

Haunted House Ghosts

Here in the Cleveland area, there are hundreds of "haunted places". Bay Village is home to Huntington Playhouse, whose namesake, Mr. Huntington has been said to flash the lights during performances.

Huntington is not the only theater said to be haunted. Westlake's Clague Theater is also known for sightings of the previous owner. After the theater moved in in 1967 "Walter" started making his presence known and seems much more active (and upset) whenever there is major renovation or changes.

Back in the day of the Stock Market crash of 1929 a woman by the name of Matilda is said to have killed herself. Where else would she do her haunting but the Federal Reserve Bank at East 6th and Superior? She still dressed like a flapper, they say. It seems some ghosts find it harder to let go than others do.

The East Side is not exempt. The Lakeshore 7 Theater in Euclid is said to be built on an Indian Burial Site. And we all know how traumatic that can be. People have even said to be looking in the mirror in the bathrooms and are surprised to see an Indian looking over their shoulder.

And anyone who grew up in the area has heard some version of The Melon Heads of Kirtland. Although there are various versions of the stories, they all agree that there is a family of huge-headed people, mainly children haunting the area.

Some say that a Dr. Crowe injected the heads of children for his own evil research. Others say Dr. Crowe did studies on children born with hydrocephalic and some say he and his wife were actually very kind to the children.

In this latter version, the children where so grief stricken when Mrs. Crowe died they went mad with grief and burned down the house. When the children died, they continued to visit the area. Depending on the version it was either to find the kind Crowes who took care of them or because they are grief stricken or guilt-ridden and cannot rest in peace.

There have been many claimed sightings, especially by High School students who actually go looking for the Melon Heads. Chardon and Kirtland are both known haunting grounds.

Squire's Castle, Metroparks Zoo, Riders 1812 Inn, Baldwin Wallace College, Lockeeper's Inn, Brooklyn High School… the list goes on and on. There is not a county in Ohio that doesn't boast at least one haunted spot.

True hauntings or urban legends? Who can really say?

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