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Think Pink (or at least Rosé )
by the Irish Wine Gal

Though the dog days of summer are past, you will still want to cool off with a refreshing wine. The suggestions that follow are all rose wines from around the world.

But first, let's clear up the confusion on how rosé wines are made.

Two widely accepted practices are used today - "The preferred technique is a short maceration of the juice with the skins of dark coloured grapes just after crushing for a period long enough to extract the required amount of colour or anthoncyanins. The juice is then separated from the skins by draining or pressing and fermentation proceeds as in white wine-making.

Some basic rosés are made by blending a small amount of finished red wine into a finished white wine. While a pinkish colour can be achieved by this process, the hue and flavour of such a wine are quite different from those of a wine made by short-term maceration." (The Oxford Companion to Wine, Jancis Robinson, editor)

Now, onto some of the wines I have enjoyed recently.

Stuart Cellars Callista 2000:

Callista is Greek for "most beautiful", which this wine definitely is. I was introduced to the wine by Marshall Stuart (who is the owner and winemaker for Stuart Cellars) who was in Cleveland for a visit. Marshall was at his brother-in-laws beverage store and we started chatting about wines.

It is a subtle blend of Rhone White and Sauvignon Blanc. I took a bottle home that day and enjoyed it that evening with my family. The tastes are subtle and the wine is crisp and refreshing! (Private Reserve $9.99)

Goats du Roam Rose 2001:

From South Africa comes this whimsical wine. (The name is a take off on Cotes du Rhone.) The pleasing aroma of summer berries will entice you and the taste will be of juicy fruit flavor. It is a great find. (Hammer Co $9.99)

While on the subject of finds-look for "The Wine Buzz" which made its northeast Ohio debut on September first. This one of a kind publication focuses on wine events in the area, wine related travel and books and features wineries in our backyards as well as across the country.

The Wine Buzz may be found at select wine stores and restaurants or a subscription may be purchased for $15 for one year (six issues).

Until next time-enjoy your wine.

The Irish Wine Gal

Have a question or comment about wine? E-mail us at wine@ClevelandSeniors.Com

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The Irish Wine Gal
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