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Answers to your Wine Questions
by the Irish Wine Gal

Q. What is marc?

A. Marc is the residue (skin, seeds, pips, stems, etc.) left after the juice has been pressed from grapes. French eau-de-vie and Italian grappa are potent brandylike drinks that are distilled from this residue.

"The general French term both for grape Pomace and, more widely for Pomace Brandy. Pomace is the debris created from processing the grapes. Pomace Brandy is a spirit made by distilling grape Pomace." (Robinson, Jancis (ed) The Oxford Companion To Wine)

Q. What is Chardonay and with what is it best served?

A. Chardonnay (SHAR-doh-NAY) is a white wine that may be light or heavy and oaky. It is native to France, and it is what a white Burgundy is composed of.

As for pairing it with food, it goes with quite a lot of meals, but it depends on the style of the wine. In the summer enjoy it with a grilled chicken or a white fish or with a salad.

Q. What about Cabernet and with what is it best served?

A. Cabernet Sauvignon (CAB-er-NAY SO-vin-YON) is a red wine that is a more recent varietal. It is a dark grape that normally produces a medium to bold wine. You can pair it with meats and pastas.

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