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Summer Reds
by the Irish Wine Gal

"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions, and more tolerance."
Benjamin Franklin

First off, thanks very much for the feedback on the column! I greatly appreciate it-good and bad. The questions posed were interesting and good. Please keep them coming.

With the warm weather here and more on its way I thought that I would write a column on some good wines for the summer. This time it's on summer reds.

Yes, you can drink red year round. These particular reds are lighter in style and would go well with various lighter foods.

The wines are presented in no particular order. (In the parenthesis I have included the local wholesaler, who if your favorite retailer does not have the wine on its shelf may order it in and the suggested retail price.)

Crow Canyon Merlot-Our 2001 Merlot is a very stylish and fruit-driven red wine. Rich and complex flavors of plum and beery are complemented by a toasty oak finish. Soft, supple tannins make this wine immediately appealing. (Private Reserve $8)

Mosen Cleto-From the Campo De Borja region of Spain comes this easy to drink Crianza wine. The blend was created from the Grenache and Tempranillo varieties, which are native to the area. It is bottled in a distinctive sandy burgundy bottle, which we affectionately call our "beach bottle". (Vintage Wine Distributor $7)

Rex Goliath Pinot Noir-The Central Coast of California is home to the grapes grown for this uniquely labeled wine that was just introduced earlier this year. It is lush and velvety and easy to drink. Pair it with duck, or a grilled salmon. (Stateside $8)

Hahn Cabernet Franc-This wine has a bit of a peppery taste to it so it will pair well with burgers or barbeque. It is from the Santa Lucia Highlands which are located in Monterey County. The hillside farming allows for the cool nights and the warm days to ripen the fruit; which makes it juicy. (Hammer-Glazers $10)

There are many others, but I thought that I would give you a few - as always drink what you enjoy! Next column will focus on the some unusual whites that make for good summer sippin'.

Irish Wine Gal

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The Irish Wine Gal
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