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Answers to your Wine Questions
by the Irish Wine Gal

Q. Why is White Zinfandel pink and White Merlot red?

A.White Zinfandel is made from Zinfandel grapes, however, the skins are not left on, thus a lighter color.

In addition, a bit of Muscat or other white wine may be added, thus making the color lighter. White Merlot is made from Merlot grapes that have not had much time with their skins on after harvest.

Q. I like a sweet wine, but not syrupy. What moderately priced wine would you suggest?

A. A German Riesling-like a Spatlese or a Kabinett. A Viognier may be another alternative.

Q.How long does wine last - does it have to be stored with the cork down?

A. First, it depends on the wine. I do not suggest storing wines that are meant for everyday use.

When storing wine, lay it down on its side in a cool area, such as a basement, or a closet. You don't want it to be subject to frequent changes in temperature or extreme temperatures.

If the wine leaks or the cork looks like it is pushed up, it has probably gone bad.

Q. Some times even a small glass of wine will give me an intense headache, other times nothing. Is it the brand or the kind of wine or what actually makes the difference?

A. What is most likely bothering you is the histamines, which may be found primarily in red wines. Or, the sulfites may be bothering you.

The vast majority of wines contain sulfites because they help kill bacteria. When shopping, look for organically made wines.

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