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Ordering Wine in a Restaurant
by the Irish Wine Gal

Q. I avoid ordering wine in fancy restaurants because I'm not sure what to do. What should I do when a waiter hands me a cork? When he pours a little in a glass what should I do and say?

A. When ordering in a restaurant find out what the other people like or what they are having. You may not be able to please them all, but you can hopefully find a middle ground on a wine selection.

When the server presents the bottle, make sure it is what you ordered.

When he opens it and gives you the cork, look at it. If it is moldy or smells really bad it may be an indication that the wine will not taste well or it was not properly stored.

The server should pour you a little bit to taste, then you give it a swirl and taste it.

If you like it let him know and have the bottle served to your guests.

If it does not taste good, have the server have the manager or bartender taste it. Perhaps the bottle is bad, or it is not what you thought it would be.

Q. I know to choose white wine with fish and red wine with beef, but there are so many other choices. Like what do you have with snacks? How do you decide?

A. Drink what you like!

A few weeks ago, we had red wine with fish! Your wine should work to accent the food, and not overpower it.

A Riesling will help tone down the spiciness on a curry or Asian dish, while a hearty red such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Meritage would hold up well with a steak.

An easy drinking red such as a Pinot Noir would work well with salmon.

Foods such as asparagus and tomatoes are hard to pair with wine because of the acidity.

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