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August 2003

by Carolyn McFaul

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Bend It Like Beckhorn

A heartfelt and funny film that celebrates the power of athletics to change lives - especially the life of an Indian girl teenager in England whose love of soccer runs counter to her parents traditional values. I enjoyed this movie a lot. It reminds me of The Big Fat Greek Wedding - I would encourage seeing it.

112 min.
Rated PG 13
Carolyn's Rating - A-

Finding Nemo

A little lost clown fish and his dad have many adventures while trying to unite in this under water-animated children's movie. It was charming. Kids will love it.

100 min.
Rated G
Carolyn's Rating - B-
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Johnny English

Rowan Atkinson of "Mr. Bean" fame plays a bungling secret agent, Johnny English, in this silly romp about protecting England from an evil Frenchman played by John Malkovich. This movie keeps you laughing almost continuously - although sometimes it seems jerky. Bean" grows on you after awhile.

90 min.
Rated PG
Carolyn's Rating - B-

Lara Croft, The Cradle of Life

The action heroine travels all over the globe in search of Pandora's Box in this sequel to Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Just when you think she has found love in her life something else happens. She is so active it is unbelievable. She is a very beautiful, natural looking girl - Angelina Jolie. The scenes from other countries are breathtaking.

117 min.
Rated PG
Carolyn's Rating - B-


A must-see movie! This is a Gary Roth film about the 1930's racehorse and three men who went along for the ride. There's something cherry about a movie that just tries to make you feel good. It also includes scenes from the Depression and shows how hard some folks had it - yet they survived! You come away from the movie feeling really good. What else can I say about it - it's a wonderful movie.

140 min.
Rated PG13
Carolyn's Rating - B+

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Carolyn McFaul
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