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What's at the Movies
by Carolyn McFaul

Agree or disagree, Carolyn would love to hear what you think. Click on the link to E-mail your thoughts to Movies@ClevelandSeniors.com

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The Royal Tennenbaums
(Ben Stiller, Angelica Houston, Gene Hackman, Gwyneth Paltrow)

This movie is about how a whimsical, melancholy and intense family bonds. I thought it was very funny - at least in parts. Each character has his or her oddball ways. Its rated "R", probably because of the drug use and a suicide attempt.

1 hr. 48 min.

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(Robert DeNiro, Eddie Murphy)

A pair of mis-matched cops are put together by their police chief to star in a Cops Cable Show. There's a lot of laughs as well as explosions, crazy driving scenes, shoot-em-ups, just general unbelievable happenings! It was funny in parts. Some of the scenes were too unrealistic. The reviewers apparently thought it was good. Rated PG 13 - especially for language!

1 hr. 32 min.

Snow Dogs
(Cuba Gooding Jr., James Coburn)

A Miami Dentist inherits a team of ornery sled dogs. He moves to Alaska to try and race them and has to overcome a lot of obstacles. I enjoyed this movie immensely! Rated PG.

1 hr. 40 min. Buy the video

Ocean's Eleven
(George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and many other young stars that I have seen but I really don't know their names)

This is a lighthearted caper about a gang of fun-loving criminals who rob the 3 biggest casinos in Las Vegas in a single night. The cast made it look like they were really enjoying themselves - their maneuvers were great! I enjoyed this movie. Rated PG

At least 2 hours but I can't remember exactly.

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The Others
(Nicole Kidman)

A supernatural thriller. I had a hard time really understanding it until I discussed it with other people at work and friends who had seen it. I also had a hard time hearing it (although at 68 years old I might need a hearing aid!). Kidman is waiting for her husband's return from WWII when servants start disappearing. The reviewers said it was an excellent "creep show" Rated PG13

1 hr. 42 min. Buy the video

The Mothman Prophecies
(Richard Gere, Laura Linney)

A take-off from the X-Files and Blair Witch Project (which I couldn't stand and I got nauseated from the bouncing camera in Blair Witch). Based on a true story in which a creature or apparition or alien being haunts a small town. Very hard to follow and understand. Rated PG13

Mothman Prophecies 2 hr. approx.

The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring
(A cast too large to mention)

This movie was excellent from the very beginning. It's a vibrant adventure filled with excitement. I recommend it for all ages even though its rated PG13. This is award material. A sequel is sure to follow and we have something to look forward too.

3 hrs.

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The above are the National Geographic "Beyond the Movie" videos. Click

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
(Daniel Radcliff, Maggie Smith)

This movie is about an orphan boy who discovers his true identity - as a Wizard. On his 11th birthday he enters Hogwarth's School of Wizardry. There are great special effects. It's a fun movie for all ages. Rated PG

Buy the DVD Buy the Soundtrack Buy the VHS Video

(Kevin Costner, Susana Thompson)

I thought this movie was very interesting - it kept my mind occupied and wondering what was going to happen next. It gives you an insight into a children's cancer ward. I won't give away the ending - and neither should you! Rated PG13

1 hr. 15 min. Buy the Soundtrack

Gosford Park
(Eileen Atkins, Bob Balaban)

This is an Agatha Christie murder mystery and has a lot of interesting English characters. It shows you how the wealthy live and how spoiled and selfish some of them can be. They were especially self-centered in how they treated their servants. I liked seeing the lives of the servants and how they survived in this environment. I enjoyed this movie very much. Rated R

For the Gosford Park DVD

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2 hrs. 17 min.

A Beautiful Mind
(Russell Crowe)

The story of a brilliant Nobel Prize winner, John Nash Jr., and his mental illness. There were times when I got lost in the movie, but as it went on I was able to understand it better. It is definitely Oscar material! Rated PG13

2 hrs. 15 min. Buy the soundtrack

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