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What's at the Movies
June 2006
by Carolyn McFaul

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The DaVinci Code
This spectacularly popular novel receives a rather bland re-telling on screen as code breaking symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and cryptologist, Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou) chase down the holy grail and a two thousand year old cover-up.

This movie did not change any of my Christian beliefs. I went into the movie a Catholic and I came out a Catholic.

To me it was slow - which was good. It gave me more time to understand what was going on.

DaVinci Code Items

150 minutes
Rated PG13
Carolyn's Rating - C
Critic's rating - C

The Poseidon
There are intense, prolonged sequences of disaster and peril. It is a remake of The Poseidon Adventure and starts off just like the original movie, with a giant wave over-turning a luxury cruise ship. Survivors struggle to save themselves amid chaos and rampaging water.

This was a good movie, even though you see bodies flying all over. A young boy unscrews a vent so they can escape through it to a higher level - hard to believe.

But I love looking at Kurt Russell.

The Poseidon Items

99 minutes
Rated PG13
Carolyn's Rating - B
Critic's Rating - C+

The Breakup
Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn do a good job in this one about a couple living together, sharing an apartment and one is doing 75% of the upkeep and the other doing only 25%. Many different situations arise and the break up is inevitable.

The sequences leading up to different problems and the "get even" scenes were sad and funny. This was presented well. Go see it , they both do an excellent job in their portrayals.

The Breakup Items

106 minutes
Rated PG13
Carolyn's Rating - B+
Critic's rating - C+

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Carolyn McFaul

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