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What's at the Movies
April 2006
by Carolyn McFaul

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Eight Below
Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood and Jason Biggs led the two legged cast in this story about eight sled dogs left behind in Antarctica when their human overseers pulled out during a killer storm.

The News Herald said "More time with canines and less with the humans could have turned a solidity entertaining tale of survival into a great one". The Plain Dealer gave it a lousy write up too.

Personally, I enjoyed it and wouldn't hesitate telling anyone else to see it. In fact, I was with three other ladies that thought it was good.

So please, don't always rely on the critics as to whether you should see a movie. Go and form your own opinion.

120 minutes
Rated PG
Carolyn's Rating - B
Critic's rating - D

Nanny McPhee
Emma Thompson, who has an Oscar for screenwriting (Sense & Sensibilities) and acting (Howards End), fills both roles here.

Not only for starring as the snaggle-toothed character but also providing a witty, intelligent script. Thompson is solid in her performance as the nanny who magically forces children to behave.

The film is loaded with entertaining humor that manages to engage adults and children alike. Emma Thompson wrote the screenplay based on the Nurse Matilda books.

Look for Angela Lansbury as the stern Aunt Adelaide. Again, I enjoyed this movie. I would suggest taking the children to see this one too.

92 minutes
Rated PG
Carolyn's Rating - B
Critic's Rating - C+

The Pink Panther
Steve Martin talks funny and carries a big "shtick" in this slapstick-heavy attempt to update the series made by Peter Sellers.

Martin's ability as a physical comedian are put to good use as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, but the movie really is a loose assembly of sketches; it is only intermittently funny.

The bungling French detective is out to solve a murder and shows the younger generation what slap stick really is. I laughed quite a bit, but of course I like goofy comedy.

The movie is not great, but if it makes me laugh I still think it's a winner.

120 minutes
Rated PG
Carolyn's Rating - B
Critic's rating - D

Failure to Launch
"Tripp" (Mathew McConaughey) is still living at home with parents (Cathy Baker and Terry Bradshaw) so they hire a woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) to lure him into the adult world.

As you can guess, it backfires and leads into many different directions and situations. A lot of the other characters fir in nicely.

He's just like an overgrown 38 year old boy going on 20 with his ideas. Some scenes are suggestive.

Once again I did some good belly laughing. Don't go by the critic's ratings.

90 minutes
Rated PG13
Carolyn's Rating - B
Critic's rating - D

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Carolyn McFaul

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