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If you have a particular item you are looking for, you may not be sure how to get there. This is where the Search the Site button comes in.

If you have a specific item you are looking for, click on the Search the Site link at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page. This will open up a page with the world famous Google search engine.

Just type in a word or two that you are looking for and click on Search. You can limit the search to just the ClevelandSeniors.Com web site or let it search the entire Internet - just select which option you want.

Make sure that the word(s) you are searching for are specific. For example, if you search for the word "health" you will find many pages that have this word. If you type in "diabetes", that would give a more precise result. If you type in "diabetes" and "Cleveland" that will narrow the search.

The search engine will list the pages that contain your search word. The top listings are usually more relevant results. For example, if you searched for "diabetes", the top result would be a page focusing on diabetes, while lower results may be articles that just mention the word.

The results list the searched for word in a sentence as they appear so you can see which you want to choose. Then just click on the link and you are taken to the page with that word.

Browsing Method

Sometimes you may want to jump around and see what kind of things are on the site instead of searching for a specific word or phrase. This guide will help you navigate the site.

The left-hand side of every page has a navigation bar that will allow you to click on an item and immediately go to that page. Notice that the section you are currently visiting is highlighted.

The bottom of each page (except the home page) also has a Back link that will take you to the page you previously visited. You can also use your browser's Back button to go back a page.

ClevelandSeniors.Com is broken down into ten areas. Some of these are self-explanatory but others may not seem a natural fit.

Home is the main (or home) page where you enter the site.

What's New should be visited often. This is where updates, news and other special (often time sensitive) items are listed. For example, the raffle for freebies is accessible from this page as is the form to fill out for the free e-mail notification.

The Instant Vote is here too

Health & Fitness covers general health issues as well as specific information on various topics. It includes advice on diet and exercise as well as covering dental health, hearing, pharmacy, mental issues and so on.

Legal & Financial covers financial, legal, insurance, Medicare and other advice. It also includes resources to protect you and your family and save you some money. Information on credit cards, scams, senior discounts, etc would be in this section.

Home & Garden covers a wide variety of topics including your yard, lawn, trees and garden. It also covers decorating advice, home repairs and home safety advice. This is also where you will find recipes, kitchen tips and other food items.

Family deals with issues concerning your kids, parents, grandparents, etc. Since pets are part of the family too, you will find pet information (including our expert veterinarian) in this section. You will also find items about genealogy and your heritage and culture in this section.

Arts & Leisure covers the fun stuff. Culture would include the arts, music and books. Hobbies deals with collecting, crafts, etc. Sports covers the many options open to seniors. Travel contains tips as well as stories of adventures and reviews. This section is where you will find events schedules, restaurant reviews, etc.

The Virtual Store and Classifieds are here too

People provides profiles of some of the fascinating seniors in NE Ohio. You can also read about other's memories and chat with our resident "talker", Pat. Read advice from "Dear Webby". You will find celebrity and local birthdays and other important days here as well.

Forever Young is a broad section. It contains games for fun and to keep your mind sharp. Also puzzles, quizzes and other things you can do. You will also find funny stories, songs and poems. Here you will also find information on computers and technology, volunteer opportunities and resources to keep you active and vital.

About Us tells you why we are building this site, who we are and how to reach us. It also contains our privacy policy.

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