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Congratulations on getting to this page and Welcome. If you are new to computers and the Internet, then a web site like this can be overwhelming.

Hopefully, this document will help you take advantage of the many features of the site. In fact, you may want to print this out for reference. Depending on your system, you may have an icon for a printer at the top of your screen that you click on or you may have to select the File menu from the top of the screen and then choose Print.

If you are using Windows you can usually hold down the Control key and then press the P key to start printing as well. Be sure to select All pages if you get asked, so you don't just get the first page of this document.

Basic navigation (true for most web sites)

The first thing to realize is that when a word or phrase is underlined, it probably means that when you click on that underlined word or phrase it will take you to another web page. That underlined word or phrase is called a hyperlink or just link for short.

The program that you use to view web pages is called the browser. Your browser may be one of several different products. All will let you view and move through web sites. Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are the two most commonly used browsers. Odds are you are using some version of one of these - even if you use AOL (America Online) or MSN (Microsoft Network).

Depending on your browser brand and version, your screen will look a little different. But almost all browsers will have a place where the address of the web site you are looking at (or want to go to) is displayed. This address is called a URL in techie terms - which stands for Uniform Resource Locator. URL or address is all you need to know though.

The address will look something like this

and usually appears in a little box near the top of the screen.

You will also notice that you have a big arrow pointing left and right. These are your Back and Forward arrows. The Back arrow takes you back to the last page you visited. If you go back too far, you can use the Forward arrow to bring you back.

On ClevelandSeniors.Com there is always a "Back" link at the bottom of the page (the word "Back" underlined) so you can click on that to get back to the previous page after you are done. So you don't have to use the arrows if you don't want. Some of the pages give you options to click and go Back to other pages.

Often you can see where a link will go without actually going there. If you move your mouse over an underlined link but don't click, you may see the address of where the link goes appear in a little window or at the bottom of your screen or both. This process of moving your mouse over something without clicking is called hovering. Often if you hover over a photo or image it will provide a caption or additional information about that picture.

God Bless AmericaTry hovering over this image now but don't click. You should see the caption displayed.

On pages that are more than one screen long (which will be most of them), you will see a strip on the right-hand side of your screen with an arrow pointing up on the top and an arrow pointing down at the bottom with a square somewhere in between. These are called scroll bars and they let you scroll down or up to see more of the page.

You can click on the up arrow to move a line up or the down arrow to move down. You can also click on the box in the middle and drag it up or down to move very fast. You can usually use your PageUp (PgUp) and PageDown (PgDn) on your keyboard to move up and down a page at a time.

Getting around ClevelandSeniors.Com

The design of allows you to quickly and easily get to whatever spot you may want to go.

The left-hand side of every page has a navigation bar that will allow you to click on an item and immediately go to that page. It has white lettering on a blue background.

The top item is always Home and clicking on that will bring you back to the main page which is called the home page.

Notice that when you hover over one of the words in the menu (Health & Fitness for example) it will turn gold - to indicate that it is about to be selected. If you click on that, you will go to the Health and Fitness main page.

Notice that when you go the page you will see an expanded menu. Items that are in the Health & Fitness Section will be displayed. You can go to one of those sections from the navigation bar on the left or from the underlined links in the middle, main section.

As mentioned, the bottom of each page (except the home page) also has a Back link that will take you to the page you previously visited. You can also use your browser's Back button to go back a page.

The top of the page will usually have a notice or advertisement from one of our sponsors. Clicking on that banner will take you to their site. If you click on it by mistake, you can use your Back arrow button to come back to where you were.

On the right-hand side are various announcements and more offers and advertisements from sponsors. If you click on one of them, they may take you to that company's main web page while others may take you to a more specific place.

For example, if you are in the Sports section and see an ad for a book about Tiger Woods, than by clicking on that ad you will be taken to the part of Amazon.Com's web site where you can read more about that particular book and purchase it if you like. Once again you can always click on your back arrow button to return to where you were.

The Ten Areas

ClevelandSeniors.Com is broken down into ten areas. Some of these are self-explanatory but others may not seem a natural fit.

Home is the main (or home) page where you enter the site.

What's New should be visited often - every time you visit. This is where updates, news and other special (often time sensitive) items are listed. For example, the raffle for freebies is accessible from this page as is the form to fill out for the free e-mail notification.

This section also has our Instant Vote. The vote is an easy, fast and anonymous way to express your opinion on various topics. Nobody will know how you voted (or how many times) We do not track any of that information so feel free to participate and have fun

Health & Fitness covers general health issues as well as specific information on various topics. It includes advice on diet and exercise as well as covering dental health, hearing, pharmacy, mental issues and so on.

Legal & Financial covers financial, legal, insurance, Medicare and other advice. It also includes resources to protect you and your family and save you some money. Information on credit cards, scams, senior discounts, etc would be in this section.

Home & Garden covers a wide variety of topics including your yard, lawn, trees and garden. It also covers decorating advice, home repairs and home safety advice. This is also where you will find recipes, kitchen tips and other food items.

Family deals with issues concerning your kids, parents, grandparents, etc. Since pets are part of the family too, you will find pet information (including our expert veterinarian) in this section. You will also find items about genealogy and your heritage and culture in this section as well as features on various holidays.

Arts & Leisure is self-explanatory. Culture would include the arts, music and books. Hobbies deals with collecting, crafts, etc. Sports covers the many options open to seniors. Travel contains tips as well as stories of adventures and reviews. This section is where you will find events schedules, restaurant reviews, etc.

You will also find the Virtual Store in this section. This is an online Classified Area listing items wanted and for sale. Besides items, people can also post and respond to "Looking for" or other questions such as "I am looking for a recipe for Hough bakery cakes"

People provides profiles of some of the fascinating seniors in NE Ohio. You can also read about other's memories and chat with our resident "talker", Pat. You can read questions submitted to our own "Dear Webby. You will find celebrity and local birthdays and other important days here as well.

Forever Young is a broad section. It contains games for fun and to keep your mind sharp. Also puzzles, quizzes and other things you can do. You will also find funny stories, songs and poems. Here you will also find information on computers and technology, volunteer opportunities, organizational advice and profiles and resources to keep you active and vital.

About Us tells you why we are building this site, who we are and how to reach us. It also contains our privacy policy.

Communicating with us

The best part of a site like this is being able to share your own ideas, questions, comments, recipes, crafts, stories, etc with others. There are two easy ways to do this. Rest assured you can stay anonymous in any correspondence with us.

The first way to communicate with us is to click on one of the e-mail links that appear on most pages. For example, you may see a few lines such as

Ask our Arborist a question. E-Mail us at: arbor@ClevelandSeniors.Com

Notice that part of that sentence is underlined. If you click on that underlined part, it will allow you to send e-mail to us. The e-mail will be preaddressed to us. You just have to type in a subject line and your question or comment. Feel free to click on the underlined part now to test it.

The other way is to fill out one of the many forms that appear on the site. There will be a title such as "Question for Which Expert?" with a box under that line. Just click in that box and type in whichever expert you want to ask a question of such as Dentist or Florist.

Do the same with the other boxes on the form. Many are marked optional (name, age, etc) so you can skip those if you want. When you are done filling out the form, click on the big "Submit" button and your form will be sent to us. If you change your mind, just click on "Clear Form" and everything you typed will be cleared.

If you want to give it a try click here

Test form

to go to a form and give it a try.

How to get around the site and find what you are looking for.

If you have a particular item you are looking for, you may not be sure how to get there. This is where the Search the Site button comes in.

If you have a specific item you are looking for, click on the Search the Site link at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page. This will open up a page with the world famous Google search engine.

Just type in a word or two that you are looking for and click on Search. You can limit the search to just the ClevelandSeniors.Com web site or let it search the entire Internet - just select which option you want.

Make sure that the word(s) you are searching for are specific. For example, if you search for the word "health" you will find many pages that have this word. If you type in "diabetes", that would give a more precise result. If you type in "diabetes" and "Cleveland" that will narrow the search.

The search engine will list the pages that contain your search word. The top listings are usually more relevant results. For example, if you searched for "diabetes", the top result would be a page focusing on diabetes, while lower results may be articles that just mention the word.

The results list the searched for word in a sentence as they appear so you can see which you want to choose. Then just click on the link and you are taken to the page with that word.

Hopefully this document has helped you get more out of web browsing and using the ClevelandSeniors.Com site. Feel free to click on things, send e-mail, fill out forms - you won't hurt anything. The worst thing that could happen is that you have to click on your Back button a few times to get back to where you were.

If you want to be able to go to this web site without typing in the address all the time, you can make it one of your "favorites." Then you can click on "Favorites" on the top menu bar of your browser and just click on the lsiting for this site.

Click to add ClevelandSeniors.Com
to your Favorites list

Have fun surfing and let us know if you have any questions.

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